What to wear

The following items are needed:

Swim wear

Girls are required to wear one-piece swimsuits. Boys are required to wear Spandex/Lycra swimsuits.

(baggy shorts are not allowed)

Silicone Swimming Cap

Anyone with hair that is long enough to cover the eyes will be asked to wear a swimming cap. However, silicone swim caps are strongly recommended for all students as they worn appropriately keep the hair relatively dry which will allow the students to save time on drying after a lesson.


Eye goggles are required. Masks are not permitted (nose cannot be covered).


Flip-flops are recommended for student safety.

Towels and accessories

Students must provide their own towel. Children will be required to shower before entering the pool. The school provides soap in a dispenser in the showers. Students will also have time to shower after swimming lesson.