The swimming lessons are an important part of our elementary PYP Physical Education program and will continue to be an important part of ASW’s Physical Education program throughout your child’s school career.

Maintaining a positive attitude about swimming will help your child enjoy it more and be more successful. The swimming skills your child will learn and practice will help develop a sense of accomplishment and build self-confidence. We will explore and refine spatial awareness, body control, locomotor and non-locomotor skills on land and in water through play and variety of exercises. All students will participate in the program in order to learn an efficient stroke technique, safety procedures, develop fitness, and have fun the aquatic environment.

As we head to the pool, we'd like to take a moment to remind our families about the importance of independence - when changing, using the bathroom, rinsing after lessons, and dressing. We give the children the time they need to be able to do all these important life skills before and after our time in the pool. While teachers and instructors are available, we encourage children, as much as possible, to navigate these important opportunities independently.

Also, please be aware the ASW swimming pool is constantly monitored and kept at a very comfortable swimming temperature. The pool maintenance staff understands that young children become chilled very easily, so the water temperature is increased when elementary students are scheduled to swim. The shower/locker rooms are also very warm to prevent children from becoming chilled. Teachers and their assistants make every attempt to dry children’s hair and make sure they dress quickly with all the appropriate clothing. Please make every attempt to have your child participate and come prepared for the swimming classes. We need your help to encourage your child’s participation in this important part of our PYP Physical Education curriculum.